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The aim of our development is the formulation of designed solutions for and with our customers while taking into account new findings and production methods.

From the task to the concept, from the design to engineering. From testing to secure process production in small and / or large series.

Together with the customer via simultaneous engineering processes, development deals with high level dimensioning of components suitable for production.

The selection of materials and their ideal processing are taken into account here. Innovative product ideas in the field of fuelling have led to countless patentable proprietary developments.  Our experience in manufacturing technology is in high demand, so that we are able to manufacture these new products inexpensively, using the latest manufacturing processes and to a high qualitative standard.

Product development takes place under CATIA V4.2.4 as well as CATIA V5R26.

We are an active, efficient development partner for the following areas:

Fuelling systems
– Fuel sealing systems
– Fuel pipes
– Tank mounts

Conversion technology
– Decorative visible components made of stainless steel and aluminium
– High-precision metal working components

Corrosion test systems

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